Company profile


  Located in core area of Guangzhou Science Town, Guangzhou TiCODE Electronics Technology Ltd. is an executive enterprise of the government‘s science projects and it is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in R&D and manufacturing barcode identification device.

  Born in South China University of Technology, TiCODE has been well known for its leading technology in China. As one of the first companies to start and develop 32-bit decoder and dynamic fuzzy decoding technology in China, TiCODE's highly-educated and professional team has been engaging in hardware design, software development and system integration for many years. And the patented designs enable TiCODE as a pioneer in barcode application with advanced performance in the barcode identification industry. 

 In pursuit of reliable and stable quality, TiCODE has got strict quality control and sophisticated management. Certificated by CE, FCC and RoHS, TiCODE products are widely used in industry, commerce, taxation, national defense, transportation, finance, health care and postal sectors, while the products are exported to Europe, America, South Africa, Australia, Mid-East and Southeast Asia etc. Up till now, its annual production capability of barcode scanners has been up to 300,000pcs. 

 In near future, TiCODE aims to become a world-class professional manufacturer of barcode scanning devices. And looking forwarding to win-win business with customers from all over the world.


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