01 TiCODE products are covered by one-year warranty for the product case upon the date of purchase and maintaining is lifelong. No service charges for repairing within the warranty period. After warranty period, only replaced components and labor cost would be charged.

02 Free of charge maintenance are NOT applicable to the following circumstances (verified by the manufacturer):
1. Exceed the warranty period.
2. Product is dissembled or the mirror is broken.
3. Misuse of the product or falsely assembling the product.
4. Serial number is altered or mismatching of the warranty card.
5. False handling of the product, such as swamped into water.
6. Damaged by Flooding, fire and lightning strike any natural calamity.
7. Working or storage environment such as temperature or humidity do NOT satisfy the corresponding "product user guide" requirement.

OEM Design

As a barcode equipment manufacturer with completely independent intellectual property rights, Ticode offers design customization to increase customer's product value and competitiveness in corresponding area. Ticode have the most excellant R&D engineering team and we provide customized services as the highest standard of design and development.

01OEM Development Services such as:
1. Special barcode decoding software customization
2. Barcoding encryption algorithm customization
3. Special functions of barcode reader customization
4. Customized bar code sysystem
5. Function customization such as filtering barcode data,additional information etc.

02OEM Production Services such as:
1. Specific interfaces redesign for customer.
2. Re-sizing to fit customer requirement.
3. Silkscreen printing for customer's marking.
4. Specific mechanical and workmanship demanded by customer.
5.Provides comprehensive support for pre-sales, after-sales and maintenance services.

03According customized needs Ticode provide competely solutions which are based on good product quality,customer's demand and saying money on product costs.These solutions could ensure effectiveness of customer investment.

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